Legal advice on mergers and acquisitions (M&A) in its widest sense. Our main area of specialisation is handling complex cross-border transactions from pre-deal planning through to completion, including post-transaction support.

Transactions and investments

  • Transaction documents: letters of intent, non-disclosure agreements and heads of terms
  • Legal due diligence examinations
  • Negotiations and representing clients in negotiating transaction documents such as share purchase agreements, investment agreements, enterprise acquisition agreements, non-compete agreements and management contracts
  • Dealing with purchases, sales or subscriptions for shares (share deals)
  • Dealing with acquisitions or ales of an enterprise or its organised part, property or a set of assets (asset deals)
  • Management buyouts and management incentive plans
  • Assistance in the process of seeking government support for a new investment (the Polish Investment Zone)

Piotr Pruś

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Reliable legal and tax advice on every level of the company’s operation, including in international environment. We advise clients on finding ways in which they can legally avoid exposure or mitigate tax risk. On the other hand, we help to streamline and facilitate control and optimize business activity from the tax perspective.

Tax law
  • Withholding tax (WHT)
  • Transfer pricing
  • VAT advice
  • Research and development (R+D) and IP Box

Agata Wleklińska

We draft contracts for domestic and cross-border transactions and issue opinions on the existing documents. We advise our clients on how to secure their contracts in the best possible manner by selecting the most suitable instruments. We provide support in managing contracts.

Commercial contracts
  • Leases of office, warehousing and production spaces
  • BTS leasesSale and lease back and BTO transactions
  • Sales and acquisitions of property for business purposes and legal due diligence of property
  • Advice in connection with construction investments, claims under construction contracts Consortium agreements and commercial cooperation agreements, including under the Public Procurement Law
  • Rules of procedure
  • Agreements for acquisition / transfer of intellectual property rights
  • IT agreements

Piotr Pruś

+48 691 409 091

We solve issues appearing in the process of deciding on individual terms and conditions of cooperation or contracts between the company and its directors and managers. We represent clients in employee disputes. We advise on every stage of building a management team for your business:

Labour law
  • Drafting and issuing opinions on employment documentation, including specifically employment contracts and non-competition agreements
  • Work policies and remuneration regulations
  • Training and advice on compliance – anti-mobbing procedures and non-discrimination polices
  • Representation in employee disputes and in proceedings involving violations of employees’ rights and work-related abuse

Zuzanna Kostur - Nienartowicz

We assist our clients in establishing companies and partnerships, drafting founding deeds and articles of associations as well as corporate registrations and we provide comprehensive legal advisory services to partnerships and companies, irrespective of their legal form. Day-to-day corporate legal services provided to companies and their governing bodies are settled as a fixed fee, a capped fee for a specific number of hours or based on hourly rates.

Corporate law and company law
  • Setting up and liquidation if companies and branches of foreign companies in Poland
  • Transformations, divisions, mergers (including cross-border mergers)
  • Advice to owners or investors: founding deeds and articles of associations, shareholders’ agreements, joint-venture agreements and investment agreements
  • Share issues and corporate advice to joint-stock companies

Zuzanna Kostur - Nienartowicz

Professional representation of clients in litigation In all court and administrative litigation. We provide a reliable analysis of the legal status and facts to reduce the costs of the risk occurring. By implementing a tailor-made strategy we develop for you, we can stay one step ahead of your court opponents.

Court and administrative proceedings
  • Zoning plans and building permits
  • Claims arising out of construction investments
  • Statements of claim, petitions, appeals, complaints and other pleadings and submissions in business and economic matters

Nikodem Multan

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